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Deepa Paul @currystrumpet instagram profile Freelance copywriter and producer 🇵🇭🇳🇱 Travel, lifestyle, #wordsinplaces. Next ✈️ Rome I have the words you're looking for.

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Freelance copywriter and producer 🇵🇭🇳🇱 Travel, lifestyle, #wordsinplaces. Next ✈️ Rome I have the words you're looking for.

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Who's up for some dancing? This week @amsterdamdanceevent turns the city into one big nonstop party. With over 2,200 artists from around the globe performing in 120 of Amsterdam's best nightlife venues, it's the biggest club music festival in the world. I'm missing the parties this year, unfortunately. But I'm happy to be one of four local Instagrammers invited by @facebook and @Instagram to collaborate on a special ADE Insta-event today, at a cool location in the city center. After being home-bound for most of the week, I can't wait to be out and about again! Join me later on Stories to see what's going down. And happy Friday everyone! #amsterdamdanceevent #facebookmansion #instawalk #friyay
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"Home is not where you were born; home is where all your attempts to escape cease." - Naguib Mahfouz Two questions for everyone. Where were you born? And where is home for you? I'll start: I was born in Quezon City, the Philippines, but now I call Amsterdam home. It's confusing though, because when I visit the Philippines once a year, I'll still say I'm flying "home." Come on lurkers, let's hear from you! 😉 #amsterdamcity #goldenhour #shotoniphone6s
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Rembrandt, fresh flowers, and a blue velvet couch. Leave me right here please, preferably with a good book, a pot of tea, and no time limit. From last week's lunch date at @droogdesign with @jessikalynch. Amsterdammers, what are your favorite lunch spots lately? #latergram #dutchdesign #shotoniphone
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As someone who's always thrived on having a million things going on at the same time, being forced to take it slow is a challenge. Thankfully, I live in a city that does slow and steady really well, and is full of reasons to stop and pause for a moment. Good morning, Amsterdam. Let's take it easy today, shall we? #amsterdamview #shotoniphone #ihavethisthingwithbikes
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After the nurses told me I was free to go, I flew out of the hospital and arrived home just in time to catch up to golden hour at the park. It felt so good to sit on the grass and watch people enjoying the unexpected gift of an Indian summer in October. I'm still recovering, so this week will be all about taking it verrrrry slow and putting my health first. Thanks for all your #kindcomments and well wishes. Hope you have a beautiful start to the week! #goldenhour #shotoniphone #whpmyeveryday #nichetexture @niche @andrewmahon
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It's the last summery Sunday of the year. Instead of enjoying it outdoors with my family, I'm at the hospital, where I spent the night under observation after a severe asthma attack that followed after a week of cough, cold and flu. So while I'm sitting in bed looking out at the sunshine, here's a memory of a past summery Sunday to keep things positive. Thinking happy thoughts and hoping your Sunday goes better than mine! #sundayfunday #momstaysinthepicture
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#TBT to those Amalfi nights, and that magical sunset overlooking the island of Capri. Perfect sunsets call for perfect drinks. Hop on over to @wegram_weblog to see what we raised our glasses to that warm September evening! #tbt #amalficoast #aperitivotime
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Lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to push work aside and make time to just... create. Something meaningful, different, and personal. Not for clients. Just for me. Of all the creative projects I want to do, the act of writing calls to me the most. Essays, poetry, reviving my dormant personal blog—and calligraphy. I’ve always loved writing by hand. My high school classmates always asked me to hand letter their love notes, so I knew all the juicy gossip. I have a small collection of pens and nibs waiting to be used again. In the age of laptops and smartphones, writing by hand feels more rare and romantic than ever. So I was excited to learn that UK-based @artsynibs (whose gorgeous calligraphy you see here) is holding her Intro to Modern Calligraphy workshop here in Amsterdam on the 28th of October! I can’t wait to put pen to paper and create something beautiful. Find more info in @artsynibs#LinkInBio. See you there? #artsynibs #calligraphyworkshop #sp
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Vesper Lynd: "I'm afraid I'm a complicated woman." James Bond: "That is something to be afraid of." (Casino Royale, 2006) It's Wednesday! Isn't it time for cocktails yet? #wordsinplaces #solobikeparking #humpday
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In spirit, I'm at @museumvoorlinden for today's #emptyvoorlinden Instameet, enjoying one of my favorite museums with some of the most fun and creative people I know. But in reality, I'm stuck in bed with a 39-degree fever. All I can do is watch their Stories and wish I was there *pity party* Hope your Sunday is going way better than mine! Now pass me the paracetamol, please. #sundaynotfunday
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In a dark and stormy week, I've been grateful for every little bit of sunshine that breaks through the gray. Hope you found your bright spots, too. Have a great weekend! #goldenhour #chasinglight #shotoniphone

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As a freelance copywriter, I work at home by myself. I love the convenience and flexibility, but in the cold months I really need to get out of the house and be around people to stay sane and productive. So yesterday I checked out a shared workspace on one of my favorite canals in Amsterdam. It looks promising, and I might just start biking to work here soon! Pretty sweet, right? #amsterdam
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I have a complicated relationship with fall. When I still lived in the Philippines, I craved those rare, moody gray days when dark clouds provided relief from the merciless sun. I lived for the chance to wear sweaters, scarves and boots. And I loved the sound of heavy rain, especially if I got to stay inside with hot chocolate. After living in the Netherlands for six years, how things have changed! I dread summer’s end. To me, fall feels like nothing but the limbo before a long winter. With maybe a few bright spots in between. So this is me looking for fall pleasures. Apple picking with my daughter. Hunting for the perfect pears to stew in wine, and pumpkins to roast in the oven. And of course, those beautiful fall colors. So help a tropical girl out. Tell me: what do you love most about fall?
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Monday blues, Amalfi edition | On this gray, rainy Monday, I'd rather be soaking up the sunshine and stunning views in Ravello. Preferably after a long and lazy lunch, with a glass of wine and some @villamassanl limoncello. I miss the Amalfi Coast already, but I think I'm going to miss summer more. This tropical soul will appreciate any tips for embracing fall! #mondayblues #ravello #italy #amalfi #villamassa #whatitalyis #sp
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Where legends once stood | Literary giants Milton, Goethe, Keats, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Harriet Beecher Stowe are just some of the famous guests who have walked the halls of historic @hoteltramontano in Sorrento. And what halls they are, paved with ceramic tiles from the 1800s. My geeky writer heart was thrilled to imagine some of the best writers of our time standing exactly where I was 🤓 Grazie @villamassanl for bringing us here! #fromwhereistand #ihavethisthingwithfloors #villamassa #sorrento #italy #sp #archilovers_tiles
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Somewhere in time | It isn't everyday that you wake up in 18th century Italy. But that was what staying at the Imperial @hoteltramontano in Sorrento was like. Formerly a private residence, this historic luxury hotel recaptures the old world glamour and romance of European travel, an antidote to the relentless pace of modern life. La dolce vita, indeed. Grazie mille @villamassanl for this time-traveling experience! #villamassa #sorrento #italy #sp
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Empty glasses, full bellies 🍋🥂 I've drunk more limoncello (and in more ways than I thought possible) in the last two days than I have in my entire life. But when it's the best limoncello in the world, who's complaining? Grazie mille @villamassanl for these amazing days in the beautiful Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast. And to the best squad ever @dishtales @shady_fereidooni @cityguysnl @segerweten @rox.pinck @luciepr_ @melissagontha for all the laughs, love, and of course, limoncello 💛🍋💛 #villamassa #onthetable #gatheringslikethese
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Handle with care | I’m in beautiful Sorrento, Italy, where the Massa family of @villamassanl produces limoncello according to a time-honored family recipe that goes back to the 1890s. Walking in the sunshine under a canopy of green leaves and chestnut trellises, with the scent of lemons in the air, has been absolute heaven for this lemon lover. And seeing how much love and care goes into Villa Massa's limoncello—from hand picking only the finest Sorrento lemons from a protected geographic origin, to how the lemons are grown according to ancient techniques, all the way to distillation and intensive quality testing, has been nothing short of amazing. There’s too much story for one caption, so stay tuned for a blog post very soon. And follow along on Stories as we explore more in and around Sorrento. Grazie mille @villamassanl for sharing your limoncello secrets with us! Salute! #villamassa #sorrento #WhatItalyIs #oneinthehand #sp
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These walls may be blind, but they have lots of stories to tell. With over 60 murals by local and international artists, @blindwallsgallery in Breda has turned the city into a living showcase of art. The gallery adds 10-15 new walls every year, so there's always a reason to come back to Breda. Isn't that cool? This one is by @rutgertermohlen of @bunkertattoo, which happens to be where I'm going to get my next tattoo! But that's another story. #vbblindwallsbreda #vbgraphicmattersbreda #visitbrabant #designbrabant
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What do you hope for? The @graphicmatters festival in Breda uses graphic design to visualize the things we care about. So the festival asked visitors to write down their hopes (for the next 50 minutes, 50 days and 50 years) and turned them into protest signs for a public demonstration of hope. Whatever you hope for, speak up about it! Even the smallest, silliest hope deserves to be heard. I hope design can indeed help change the world. I hope that the sign I chose for this picture makes you smile. And I hope you have a great Monday! #vbgraphicmattersbreda #visitbrabant #designbrabant #WHPdynamic #wordsinplaces
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Why do you travel? To seek adventure or to find home? To create stories, or to tell them? The 6m-tall Inflatable Refugee, created by @studioschellekens, travels the world to stir conversations about the growing refugee crisis. He’s in Breda, North Brabant until the 22nd of October as part of the @graphicmatters design festival. Yesterday I joined a group of Instagrammers (tap the tags to see the squad) to explore art and design in Breda, two hours south of Amsterdam. It was my first time there and I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to visit. Breda has so much creativity and inspiration to offer, and I will definitely be visiting this city more often. Thank you @visitbrabant and @graphicmatters for the chance to know Breda a little bit better! #visitbrabant #designbrabant #graphicmatters #vbgraphicmattersbreda
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To see the familiar with fresh eyes. To never lose my sense of wonder. And to always find new ways to experience, enjoy and embrace home. This is my wish for you and me, for today and always. Have a good day, everyone 😊 #amsterdamlove #amsterdamlife
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