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Tourism Australia's official account. Tag @Australia, #SeeAustralia or #RestaurantAustralia to give us permission to repost 🐨🏄🌴

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Shall we escape to a secluded beach, on a hidden island? This one looks perfect - and it's actually called #HiddenIsland, believe it or not! You'll find it (or maybe you won't) tucked away in @westernaustralia's remote Buccaneer Archipelago, which is part of @thekimberleyaustralia. The beach pictured here is called #SilicaBeach, and you're not likely to find it without the help of the team from @kimberleyexpeditions. They know this part of @australiasnorthwest like the back of their hand, so we recommend leaving it to the experts - or you could be searching for a while! Photo: @scottslawinski #justanotherdayinwa #australiasnorthwest #thekimberley #explore #travel
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If you need a little colour in your day, we know just where to find it 🌷🌷🌷 Spring has certainly sprung at the @bloomintulips Festival in @tasmania and if you get bloomin’ excited about tulips, you’re going to want to check out our Instagram Story 👆🏻Once a year, @tablecapetulipfarm in @tasmaniasnorthwest becomes awash with colour. Located on the dramatic sea cliffs of Table Cape, the #BloominTulip Festival runs for three weeks at one of the largest tulip farms in the Southern Hemisphere. You can visit the incredible tulips in bloom until the end of October. | Photo: @tscharke #discovertasmania #tasmaniansnorthwest #tablecapetulipfarm #travelgram
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When flying into @sydney, be sure to book a window seat - the city looks spectacular from the air! Passengers on this plane were treated to these epic views over #SydneyHarbour, complete with glimpses of the @sydneyoperahouse and the famous #SydneyHarbourBridge. Sydney Harbour isn't just accessible by watercraft; it's actually home to dozens of beaches. Harbour beaches' waters are calmer than ocean beaches, so they're ideal for a relaxing dip on a warm Sydney day. Photo: @peeramaytha | @irinacreative #ilovesydney #newsouthwales #explore #travel #wanderlust
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"Aaah-CHOO!! Darn, I should've stopped at the chemist for some hayfever tablets..." - We're just kidding, kangaroos don't suffer from hayfever! It's a good thing they don't, because the spring wildflowers on @authentickangarooisland are out in force, covering the island in gorgeous carpets of colour. @nikkiki73 spotted this male #kangaroo amongst the blooms whilst guiding a @kangarooislandodysseys tour, which is an excellent day tour to take if you're a keen wildlife watcher visiting this part of @southaustralia. Photo: @nikkiki73 #kangarooisland #seesouthaustralia #explore #travel #wildlifephotography
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Who needs to watch the 5 o'clock news when you could be watching a sunset like this instead?! This is the view at dusk from the #DoveLake Circuit walk in @tasmania's Cradle Mountain–Lake St Clair National Park. In actual fact, the sun actually sets considerably later than 5pm in this part of @tasmaniasnorthwest at this time of year; daylight savings has just commenced in Tassie and runs until the end of March, which means the sun sets as late as 8pm = more time for hiking and exploring the beautiful surroundings. Photo: @shipwreckphotography #discovertasmania
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That feeling when your alarm goes off on a Monday morning 😴 These cute little critters are sugar glider triplets, and their names are Tiny, Beyonce and Lemonade (adorable, right?!). They were rescued by the team at the @australianreptilepark in @visitnsw and have had round the clock care from keeper Dan since their arrival to the park. In their spare time, they enjoy snacking on native Australian flowers and playtime with the keepers. Awww! Video: @australianreptilepark #newsouthwales #CentralCoastNSW #wildlife #explore #travel
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"Dang, what a beautiful day, think I might do a spot of sunbathing!" - @andrewwatsonphoto spotted this #turtle popping up to check the weather in the waters surrounding #NormanbyIsland in @tropicalnorthqueensland recently. Part of the Frankland Group National Park, this island is one of five surrounded by extensive fringing reefs which are a haven for marine life. You can take a guided tour with @franklandislands, and the good news is that the islands are only 10 kilometres from mainland @queensland so it's just a short open water crossing to get there. Photo: @andrewwatsonphoto #thisisqueensland #exploreTNQ #travel #wildlifephotography #wanderlust
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This sunset in Sandringham sure is a beauty! You'll find this beachside suburb just a 35-minute drive from the @visitmelbourne CBD, just down the road from the popular Brighton Beach. Melbourne sits on the edge of the lovely Port Phillip Bay, which means there are plenty of spots for walks and picnics with water views. If you're keen to find surf beaches, head down to the @officialmorningtonpeninsula or out to @phillipisland, both of which are within 1-2 hour's drive from #Melbourne. Photo: @ukmelbourne #visitmelbourne #visitvictoria #explore #travel #sunset
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'Koality control' at @thelanevineyard in @southaustralia 🐨 - sound recommended! This cheeky #koala set up camp in the winery at #TheLaneVineyard recently and decided to lend a paw with some barrel sampling. Set amongst the idyllic @visitadelaidehills, this winery is one of the @ultimatewineries of Australia - perhaps due to its talented winemaking team (that includes taste-testers!). The views from the winery restaurant and cellar door here are stunning; keep an eye out for kangaroos patrolling the vineyards, and koalas in the trees nearby. For more bizarre Aussie animal antics, be sure to follow @aussienewstoday! Video: @the_stoke_wines #seesouthaustralia #visitadelaidehills #explore #travel #wildlife
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Did you know that @westernaustralia is home to more than one incredible pink lake?! You may have heard of Lake Hillier near Esperance, but if you're headed north of @experienceperth instead, you can visit the spectacular #HuttLagoon (pictured) in @australiascoralcoast. Located between the coastal towns of #Geraldton and #Kalbarri, Hutt Lagoon can be easily accessed by road. If you'd prefer a bird's eye view, @geraldton_aircharter and @shineaviation offer scenic flights over this epic natural attraction. Photo: @kennyyhc #justanotherdayinwa #australiascoralcoast #explore #travel #wanderlust
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When you're too busy eating to get a spray tan for summer... 😳 @puddlehub was lucky enough to bump into this rare albino #echidna in the wild when visiting the #Freycinet region of @eastcoasttasmania recently. If you're bushwalking through this beautiful part of @tasmania, keep an eye out for wildlife including wallabies, possums and potoroos. In the water, you might spot penguins, dolphins, seals and whales. Oh, and there are definitely echidnas around here - we can't guarantee you'll spot an albino one, but you've got to be in it to win it, right?! For more extraordinary animal content, follow @aussienewstoday! Video: @puddlehub #discovertasmania #eastcoasttasmania #wildlife #explore #travel
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We spy with our little eye... a secret beach less than an hour from Australia's biggest city! This is #WattamollaBeach in the @nswnationalparks #RoyalNationalPark, which lies just south of @sydney. It's an excellent spot for swimming, fishing, snorkelling and bushwalking. @VisitNSW is home to a plethora of national parks, reserves and stunning pockets of bushland, many of which are within a stone's throw (or even right in the middle!) of the city. Photo: @mizjelz #ilovesydney #newsouthwales #explore #travel #wanderlust

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"Ready, set, TUG OF WAR!" - The sea lions of @southaustralia love a good game! This yellow ring is a toy that the crew from Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience sometimes offer to the sea lions on their swim tours; the sea lions love to clown around with it. You'll find the tiny holiday village of Baird Bay on #SouthAustralia's @eyrepeninsula, around 3.5 hours' drive from #PortLincoln. The waters here are teeming with marine life, including sea lions and dolphins. Photo: @edgar_pacific_photography #seesouthaustralia #eyrepeninsula #explore #travel #wanderlust
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When it's been a long week and you can't wait to get into bed 😴 This cute little fella is Roman the red kangaroo joey, and he lives at @thekangarosanctuary in the @ausoutbacknt. He loves a morning hop around the sanctuary, as well as snuggling into his pouch and cuddles with his devoted carer and the sanctuary's founder, Brolga. If you're heading to @visitcentralaus, be sure to add a sunset tour of this incredible sanctuary to your bucket list. Video: @thekangaroosanctuary #NTaustralia #redcentreNT #explore #travel #wildlife
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Call off the search party, we've died and gone to underwater heaven somewhere near @ladyelliotislandecoresort 🙌 Once you step into the waters that surround this island in @queensland's @southerngreatbarrierreef region, all you have to do is kick those flippers roughly 10 times and you'll find yourself floating above coral reef like this. Underwater visibility here is over 20 metres for much of the year, and encounters with giant manta rays, turtles and an abundance of colourful marine life are a daily occurrence. Photo: @colindavisphotography #thisisqueensland #southerngreatbarrierreef #greatbarrierreef #explore #travel
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"BOO!" - Don't you hate it when someone sneaks up on you? For more unusual Aussie wildlife antics, check out @aussienewstoday! @carolelvin was in the right place at the right time when she spotted these two kangaroos playing a game of hide and seek in @visitcanberra. This scene was captured at Weston Park, which is one of the many lovely grassy parklands in our nation's capital. Grab a coffee from what's hailed as #Canberra's best coffee spot, @thecuppingroom, then head to the park (10 minutes' drive) to chill out with the local kangaroos. We can't guarantee they won't sneak up on you, though! Photo: @carolelvin #visitcanberra #explore #travel #wanderlust #wildlifephotography
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Come hang out with us on this pristine sandbar in the Torres Strait, on our Instagram Story right now ⬆️ This glorious patch of paradise consists of 300 remote islands scattered above @tropicalnorthqueensland. Pictured here is Friday Island, which is uncrowded, remote and beautiful. If you're not the laze-on-the-beach-type, try casting a line into the crystal clear waters; the fishing here is unreal (excuse the pun!). Photo: @_markfitz #torresstrait #thisisqueensland #exploreTNQ #travel #explore
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"And out the window, you'll see the Murchison River..." - Yep, this rock formation is for real; it's called Nature's Window, and you'll find it in the #KalbarriNationalPark in @westernaustralia. Park your car in the carpark and it's a 400-metre walk to the window, or, if you're feeling fit and have some time up your sleeve, you can take the eight-kilometre Loop Walk Trail which begins and ends at Nature's Window. This part of @australiascoralcoast is quite spectacular, so allow a few days to explore #Kalbarri and surrounds. Photo: @galwaysgoround #justanotherdayinwa #australiascoralcoast #explore #travel #wanderlust
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Just your standard arvo in @sydney 🐋 This humpback whale made a splash in #SydneyHarbour near #Manly recently, indicating that there are still whales around in the waters off the coast of @visitnsw. In fact, October is known as one of the best months for whale watching, so if you're visiting #Sydney, jump on a tour to check them out. They'll often come into the sheltered waters of the harbour, so keep an eye out if you're catching one of the Sydney ferries, too. Photo: @faunographic #ilovesydney #whalewatching #wildlifephotography #explore #travel
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This secret beach looks like the ideal spot to park a sea kayak, don't you think? The golden sands here are indeed secluded; they're part of Little Fitzroy Island which is a 40-minute paddle from @fitzroyisland in @queensland. You can take a guided sea kayak tour out to Little Fitzroy, which is surrounded by fringing reef. There's a shallow passage between the two islands which means you'll encounter a diverse array of marine life here - we're talking smaller tropical fish as well as the bigger predatory fish like barracuda. Photo: @andrewwatsonphoto #exploreTNQ #thisisqueensland #travel #explore #wanderlust
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Buckle up, we're about to fly over the sensational #HorizontalFalls in @westernaustralia 🛩️ This pair of gorges in @thekimberleyaustralia's McLarty Range run parallel to each other, and when the tidal flow builds up at the gap between the gorges it creates a waterfall effect. @Horizontalfalls Seaplane Adventures offers scenic flights above this epic part of @australiasnorthwest, and as you can see here, it looks incredible from the air! Video: @sarah.jane85xx #thekimberley #justanotherdayinwa #australiasnorthwest #explore #travel
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Well, we've found at least three reasons why it's called #KangarooIsland! There's no denying that @authentickangarooisland in @southaustralia is home to some incredible wildlife, but did you know it’s also one of Australia’s top foodie destinations? Check out our Instagram Story to discover why! ⬆️ You can escape for three days of gastronomic discovery with @kangarooislandodysseys on their new 'KI food and wine' tour. After a big day of food and wine tasting, you'll get to kick back at one of the beautiful beach houses by @lifetime_private_retreats, overlooking the magnificent Snellings Beach. After falling asleep to the sound of the ocean, all you have to do is wake up and do it all over again. #Winning. Photo: @lifetime_private_retreats #seesouthaustralia #authenticKI #wildlifephotography #explore #travel
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Sorry, we can't come to the phone right now - we're busy lazing on the beach in @visitnoosa 😎 This laid-back part of the @visitsunshinecoast is the ideal place for a cruisy beach getaway. However, if you prefer sophistication over sandals, you're in luck - #Noosa's not all about the sunscreen and the flip-flops. Wander down to Hastings Street and you'll discover classy restaurants, bars, boutiques and galleries tucked into every nook and cranny. Photo: @kylerauphotography #visitnoosa #visitsunshinecoast #thisisqueensland #travel #explore
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