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4 hours ago 1107 likes 8 comments
I see you fall... 🍂🍁🍂 I have a photo of this window and this tree we planted through each season throughout the past year of renovations... and who would have thought something so simple could make me so emotional? There is a time and a season for everything friends... Change is good, growth is good, faith is essential, and God is great. 💛
1 day ago 492 likes 5 comments
Imagining our kitchen to be this clean right now and it feels great. You know what they say? Anything is possible if you just set your mind to it! 😉👍🏻 #thehappytudor
6 hours ago 110 likes 12 comments
Even though we are not actively homeschooling any students here at home, I still have things like this around the house for visiting children. I hope to always have a place for thoughtful children to play in our home. After years of creating a Charlotte Mason influenced atmosphere for learning, I realize it is not just for learning but for living a full and rich home life. There will always be play, music, art and handicrafts, books, nature, and conversation in this old house and I’m so very thankful! #charlottemasonlife #thisoldhouse #manriquezcasa
3 days ago 1176 likes 55 comments
I am strong. I am independent. When I set my mind to something, I WILL achieve it. There have been MANY (many, many, manyyyyy) roadblocks along the way. My path has been filled with them. But instead of being resentful and getting down on myself (which has been so tempting), I choose to move forward. I have one life and I’m going to make the most of it. Watch out. And watch more at . . . . . #themajorhouse #webseries #femalecontractor #hgtv #hgtvcanada #renovation #restoration #farmhouse #heritagehome #buildlikeagirl #thisoldhouse #buildwomenup #katebuilds #diy #netflix #katecampbell #davecoleman @daviec16
1 day ago 140 likes 30 comments
I've been excited all day for Erin @cottonstem (loyal stories watcher right here 🙋‍♀️😂) and Christi's @halfwaytoheavenhomestead "creep" all day! #cottonstemheartsoldhomes I am so shocked and flattered that Christy thought to post our homestead today and I have honestly been geeking out all day looking at these beautiful old homes! I am a big fan of these weekly scroll fests, but today hits me on another level. It is so difficult to put into words what "old home" means around here. Who doesn't love a beautifully proportioned portico and handhewn millwork? The character the charm, it just makes my heart sing. But this little compilation of pictures (probably the most random post in cotton stem hearts history) helps illustrate that indescribable feeling of being the stewards of a family legacy here in this old home. You might recognize some of these little corners of our farmhouse from my feed, but here they are from the old days. These photos are of generations 1-4 in the history of our home. (I am gen. 6!) My family built this house before the invention of the automobile, before there was indoor plumbing and electricity here, and did all the farming using horse drawn equipment. When we have long days keeping up with it all I just remind myself that this old home was built on hard work and determination, so its only fitting we keep up the family tradition.

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46 minutes ago 83 likes 3 comments
On Biddle St...... a well maintained brick Victorian with Colonial Revival features. Tho this house looks quite prim & proper, it does have an oddity! 😁Notice the chimney goes thru the dormer.....swipe to see pic of closeup! Built for harmony of design or structural support for chimney??🤔 #victorian #victorianhouse #victorianarchitecture #victorianstyle #archi_ologie #archilovers #housestalker #houseaddict #oldhouselove #oldhouseenthusiast #iloveoldhouses #thisoldhouse #oldhousecharm #historichouse #ipulledoverforthis #loveofoldhouses #beautifulhouseoldandnew #houses_ofthe_world #casasecasarios #total_houses
1 minute ago 9 likes 0 comments
Dining room throwback to last year. I wish Jackson was still getting around this well. He’s still just as happy though. ❤️ #gsd #gsdofinstagram #thisoldhouse #oldhouse #shiplap #1860
38 minutes ago 32 likes 0 comments
This one is a bit of an experimental fix. I’m just looking to pressure wash off all of the loose surface and patch the cracks. Then a quick roll on resurface and we’ll see how it holds up over winter. I just want to clean it up a bit and don’t have the gate clearance to deck over it. So we’ll try and match the rest of the natural concrete.. . . . #beforeandafter #husbandandwifeteam #familyhome #homereno #diy #renoproblems #hisandhers #thisoldhouse #reno #instahome #instahomedecor #homedecor #homerenovations #fixerupper #houseflipping #instagood #diypics #interiordesign #hgtv #homerenovation #homediy
1 hour ago 57 likes 6 comments
Doing a whole lot of nothing tonight & loving it🌙

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