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‘I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers’ -l.m. montgomery 🍁🍂🍃 If you know me, then you know I am utterly obsessed with Fall and with over 500 destinations that @amtrak travels to, my list of places to see keeps growing but I’m glad I chose Boston. Afterall, it’s one of the prettiest places to be during the Autumn season. If you could travel to any 🇺🇸 State right now, where would you go? Read more about my experience onboard the Amtrak Acela Express from New York City to Boston on #dametraveler blog {link in bio} 💕 @nastasiaspassport ✨ Photo captured by Boston legend @brianmcw #nastasiainboston #ad #dametraveler #amtrak
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It's been mildly warm and cloudy this week. Odd I think for October but in terms of comfort, I cannot complain. . The beautiful Autumn vibe of Cambridge. Punting with a grand college facade in the background. . The girls are off school next week and we will be going one a few day trips and a bigger one the end of the week. You'll see more next week 😊 . Life is mysterious! Two weeks ago somebody contacted via IG to meet up in Cambridge. I said sure. Last week I was having such a dilemma and uncertainties over my parenting style and how I am living life. . I am on paper Catholic but not overly religious, a regular church goer, or really spiritual. But every night I pray and this week I asked if I have been doing the right thing as a mom, wife and human being. . Yesterday I think my prayer was answered. This wonderful lady and I chatted for about three. We chatted about our past and present and she gave me a few words of comfort and wisdom. . I am still unsure of many things but I felt more confident that I am on the right path. I cannot control many things but I have full control over myself. . I have always felt like I have this guardian angel that is always walking alongside me. Yesterday, I think he/she came in the form of this wonderful stranger, that I can now call as friend, to tell me that I am doing just fine and everything will be ok. . Have a precious weekend, my friends 😘 . . #iamatraveler #lovegreatbritain #living_europe #guardiantravelsnaps #theprettycities #theweekoninstagram
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Обожаю это стиль, когда пишешь огромный пост, а Инстаграм берет и сбрасывает его😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. В общем, переписывать уже не буду. Говорила о том, что у меня инстаграмная депрессия, все фотки кажутся скучными, в том числе и профиль. Это не нытьё, состояние души yopta. Надеюсь, что эти выходные принесут кучу вдохновения (но это не точно). Завтра высыпаемся, а в воскресенье на встречу приключениям (надеюсь). В общем, не будьте мной. Не сидите со скверным настроением. Всем пис ✌🏻 P.S.: А здание я это люблю, и архитектуру, да, люблю.
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Have a good weekend🔥 Когда хотела выложить снимок в «инстаграмное» время, нооо у меня же тормозит телефон, как я жаловалась в последнем посте🤷‍♀️ Утешаю себя тем, что сегодня пятница, и 11 вечера не такое уж и плохо время! ⠀ P.s. Буква на стаканчике как бы намекает на то, что выходные обязаны быть крутыми. Пусть так и будет!🤘☺️ . . . . . . . . #lovelysquare #vscoworld #postthepeople #vscorussia #instapiter #huntgramrussia #vscospb #vscopiter #spbgram #igersrussia #pitergram #trottermag #strideby #lovepetersburg #vscoportrait #makeportrait #makeportraitsmag #instapiter #love_petersburg #illgramers #питертакойпитер #photorussia #этопитердетка
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Friday Flamingo Feels. #TravelTip when you go to popular tourist spots take a photo from a different angle like the front of the building of the Flamingo Rum Club framed in the doors instead of the more popular side wall! Our Chicago Instagram Bucket List is now up on the blog, click the link in bio to read it! Photo by @jenniferscamera #TheTravelWomen

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Tops of 22 degrees, sunny & 15 Cider brands for you to quench your thirst with! 🍻 Last chance to score our tasting package with 15 tasting tokens + a full cider of your choice via the link in bio △ Click this pic to see some of the Cider brands you can choose from tomorrow at the #watsonsbayciderfestival 👆🏽
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took the long way home today
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Skate detour through beacon hill for a couple golden hour shots.
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Blek La Rat and Jonathan from accounts.
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Can't decide....
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Wish you were here. Rather, wish we were there. Love Brighton!
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