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Today my father passed away after long time illness. I’m ok, it was expected and we got to say our goodbyes and everything. So this is not a cry for your pity, instead I want to use our story and the things I’ve learned to remind myself and all of you about how fragile this life is, and how important it is to cease the opportunities we get. If you love someone, let them know. If you dream of doing something, go ahead and do it - while you still can ❤️
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Hello Pushkar, Cattle fair, Rajasthan, India #_soi#igs_world#special_shots#indiapictures#irimages#ourstreets#vsco#leica_world#Cultureir#noir_shots#everybodystreet#guardian#LeicaMP#nyt#streetphotographyindia#myspc17#bnw_demand#everybodystreet#EverydayEverywhere#somewheremagazine#myfeatureshoot#friendsinperson#Creativeimagemagazine#lensculturestreets#burnmagazine#TheWeekOnInstagram#lensonstreets#guardian#irimages#WHPmyeveryday#Leicaakademiesg
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The ending to one of the best days I’ve had on my trip so far.
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Midnight portals.. // Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks 🎶 & @redbullza.
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[2/3][3/3]THE GARDEN, Vada vada and slip on Vans.
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Waimea Post
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A filter would have helped here but I couldn't pass up the lighting
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This wonderful couple made my first tattoo something so much easier to deal with! I wish could ever find someone who I could find as a complement, as they do with each other 🖤🌙 Muito obrigado! 🙏
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