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We have always been the best of friends and he always keeps me laughing. Well, this photo is part grimace, part laughter. He likes to say weird/creepy things when we are taking pictures. That's probably my favorite part of our relationship. We know how to laugh. Since switching to a plant-based diet, we've been experimenting with all of our long-time favorites in vegan versions. The latest creation is root beer floats with vanilla almond milk ice cream—without traditional sugary root beer. I don't know if you guys have tried @Zevia, but it's awesome. We've been drinking it for a couple of years now and I've turned so many sugar soda (and diet soda!) drinkers onto it. It's free of calories, sugar, artificial flavors, sodium and is completely sweetened with the natural stevia leaf. No artificial sweeteners! Tell us your favorite vegan snacks! #zevia #ad
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Looking more and more homey everyday! Swipe to see a closer look at my new floor and cat door.
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A new bowl in a new clay. This gray clay is not as plastic as the one I usually use, but I am eager to try out new surfaces. Will be working in 5 clay types this week. Will likely continue with 2 or three of them, but will not know until they are tested with glaze. ____________________________________ Music by @ketsamusic #clay #bowl #stoneware #tableware #minimalism #maker #makersmovement
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#Repost @lindabbarney ・・・ Once I finished this this book I immediately started recommending it to everyone I knew. To my recommendation many people replied saying "that's great and all but I don't want someone telling me how many t-shirts I can have."😂 I admit, that's totally fair. But the thing about #theminimalists is that they're not about getting rid of all your sh#* or only owning 3 pairs of pants. They are all about living a meaningful life and focusing on adding adding value instead of stuff. How much of that stuff you decide to hang onto is entirely up to you. ❤️ @ryannucodemus and @joshuafieldsmillburn have inspired me. Their motto is: "Love people and use things, because the opposite never works." ❤️ I am letting go of the constant pursuit of "more" and instead fill up my life and my heart with experiences, people, and yes, sometimes things that feed my soul. ❤️ Think about what adds real value to your life. Hang onto it. Then give yourself permission to let go of the rest. ❤️ .... .... #minimalism #meaningful #simplicity #values #simplelife #lovepeople #inspiration #lessismore #LessIsNow

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WINTER’S LOVE (🎶Animal Collective)
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I recently changed from body wash to bar soap. Picked this one from Granit because it's easy to store hanging from a hook. It seems it will be great value for money, too, as I've been using it for about a month and it has barely gotten smaller at all. #zerowaste #minimalism #frugallife
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Melo needs a ring fam. . . . . . . . . . . . . #sacramento #asethetic #visitsacramento #photooftheday #igers #minimalism #streetphotography #streetdreamsmag #illgrammers #shotaward #streetmagazine #minimalistart
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Lovely light in my studio. ✨ Pictured is one of my planters, a new spoon and a little hand thrown saucer- for used teabags (soon available on my website). What are your weekend plans with this lovely weather? We're going on a bike trip ✌🏼. Enjoy your weekend! x . . . . #simplelife #enjoythelittlethings #ceramics #ceramic #keramik #keramiek #homedecor #tableware #byimrebergmann #spoon #theartofslowliving #slowliving #succulents #simpleandstill #verilymoment #thatsdarling #simplepleasures #tea #saucer #teatime #zentableware #minimalistic #minimalism #seekmoments #interieur #interior #aquietstyle #conciousliving #wabisabi #clay

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