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Glutes on fiyyaaaaa 🔥 I did this circuit the other day and needless to say my butt cheeks and hammies are still crying. 😭 1. Landmine reverse lunge to curtsy lunge. Also works stabilization, core & shoulders 👌🏽( hello calorie burn) 2. Dead lift to squat pulse- Keep stomach pulled in tight to support your lower back 3. Landmine dead to curtsy lunge- on curtsy lunge keep bar over your or slightly outside of your foot. 4. Squat to dead lift - be careful! This requires a lot of core support after your squat. If you have a weaker lower back stay with dead lift to squat. 4. Deadlift to squat- Keep neutral spine and knees in alignment with your 2nd and 3rd toe. Don’t allow your knees to cave in. Repeat each exercise 12 times 3 rounds 🙏🏼🙌🏽 All my programs are available on my website at 💛
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People ask me all the time how do I look so effortlessly attractive 👱🏻 I mean, I get a lot of help. Comp’d gym memberships, skin care, haircuts, meal-prep, etc. I get all that for free —perks of being so influential 💅🏻✨ #beautysecrets #goodnightinstafam #facials

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Son varias las veces que me dejado llevar por el "verme bien" para que "los demás piensen que ... ¿?" O para que le niño que me gusta piense "que bonita" o cosas así, pero apenas voy entendiendo que lo de afuera es solo un extra, lo de adentro, lo espontáneo, los pensamientos, los sentimientos y la inteligencia le gana a la apariencia 🙂el verme bien siempre me ha importado y siempre será así pero ya no de la misma manera como lo veía 🌻 #GoodNight
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H U M P D A Y mañana. Goodnight all! 💋

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