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East Village, Manhattan instagram map shares East Village, Manhattan lat 40.72628 lng -73.98158

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East Village, Manhattan lat 40.72628 lng -73.98158

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Serving up some prep school vibes in this limited edition @poloralphlauren shirt 📓 — inspired by collegiate letterman jackets of the 50’s + 60’s… tbh, pretty obsessed with it + the fit! Shop it via my Stories or the link in my bio! • snapped by @misenburg #PoloLTD #ad #PoloPartner
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Ice wisdom, straight from the Death & Co book. We use the term "block ice" to refer to large, 2-inch ice cubes. We freeze them in silicone molds in a dedicated freezer so that no funky flavors will make their way into the ice. Block ice is our preferred shaking ice for drinks served up, and we use two cubes for most drinks. This allows for shaking a drink longer before it reaches proper dilution, resulting in a cold, well-aerated cocktail. It also allows a larger margin of error; it's harder to overshake (that is, overdilute) a drink when using 2-inch cubes. We also use purchase crystal clear blocks free of any trapped air or imperfections for any drinks served over a single large cube.
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Humbled to have spent so much time in fellowship good souls, this week. Grateful to be able to continually speak about action with people ready to do the work. Praying that we (read: I) can do a better job with the selfie smile v. snarl communication next time. #towhomitmayconcern #isfellowshipgenderneutraltho (cc: @sophiabush)
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The best way to blow a kiss: when you realize @kiehls is donating $1 to breast cancer research and awareness for every kiss photo posted this month. Post your own by using #kissforthecure and tagging @kiehls. 😘 PS: thanks for keeping my skin fresh, AND supporting a disease that affects 1 in 8 women. (Cc: @bebrightpink @thebremfoundation )
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Age of Adeline


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대박이야? #NYC #Trip
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Cause after all, you’re my wonderwall...
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killa :)
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The tooth fairy or maybe just a princess ☄️
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I”ve had the hiccups all night
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I don't believe in the old saying, to me stepping in shit is bad luck. This wasn't me this time. Some other poor soul on Bleeker street. #shit #dogcrap #newyorkcity #newyorkcitylife
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Old #friends and new friends! I ❤️ #NY
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This tag has been following me for 3 years now. This time it was sprayed on a shopping bag, which someone walked out of a store with and told the tagger, "ok"! #inpursuitofmagic
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Good people in Manhattan.
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Right after this a guy had the CAUCACITY to photobomb Gi and say "Trump is President we're all white now 😂💪🏼" Nah.
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As the song goes... "The boys are back in town"
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Crazy a projector between two buildings .only in the east village 🤗
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